これまでは記録向上を目指すエリートランナーは1日に2回以上練習する事が常識とされていましたが、近年は”Single-Session”(一日一回練習) のエリートランナーの活躍も目立つようになってきました。











How many km/week do you run?

130kilometers to 140km [80 to 87 miles/week; most top marathoners put in 100 to 120 miles/week]

Describe a typical week of training/racing.



Monday and Tuesday, a 20km jog at 5min/km pace; Wednesday intervals; Thursday,Friday and Saturday, 20km jog; race Sunday. I work out once a day, in the morning. I work from 12:45 to 9:15 pm in the office of an adult continuing education school, accepting fees, answering the phone.










  • Trains on: Dirt roads and dirt track regularly, tarmac (speed-work and Long Run) only when dirt roads are muddy (on average two-three times per month).
  • Strength training: Done only in early phase of marathon training – Once a week: Cycling, 4 machines, 3 series, 10 reps.
  • Mileage per week per training phase: 115km in buildup (6 weeks); 140-150km in marathon training (16-20 weeks); 130km one month before marathon.
  • Longest Long Run in marathon training phase: 40km.
  • Number of training sessions in a typical week: 7 (doubles 1-2 times per week, takes Sunday off).











Monday: long warmup, track workout — either 12 x 1k at 2:40-2:45 with 1-minute recovery or 8 x mile at 4:25 with 2-minute recovery
Tuesday: hilly 22-mile run
Wednesday: 13 miles easy and strides
Thursday: 40-minute warmup, 90-minute hilly fartlek, 10-minute cooldown. Approximately 23 miles total.
Friday: 13 miles easy and strides
Saturday: long run, 24-28 miles with the last part close to marathon pace
Sunday: 13 miles easy

That’s 130 miles a week in singles.



Luke Puskedra Relaxed for Return to Chicago - Stride Nation

プスケドラは”Single-Session Runner”とは言っても”RUN”の話であり、午後には補助的に1時間の自転車トレーニングを取り入れています。













I run about 50 miles per week. Even for this half-marathon, the highest I got up to was about 70 miles. At first the workouts were aggressive and now they’ve just become normal. Basically, when I got sick, I took a month off and I started building back up carefully. We started off with five-minute pace and got down as low as 4:25 pace for interval workouts. With mile repeats and tempos we would go about 4:35. My body weas reacting to the workouts differently. I could go out and do a tempo and not feel like it was taking too much out of me.


Estrada: One of the weeks of training that I had -- and there were multiple ones like this -- started off with 7 x mile-repeats around 4:25-4:26. I would come back two days later with 12 x kilometer-repeats under 2:50. I could run the last kilometer in about 2:35. I could come back two days after that and run an 8-10 mile tempo run going under 4:40 pace comfortably. The next day I’d run a 15-mile long run and I’d have to hold myself back from running faster than 5:20 pace. Nothing crazy. I was running 70 miles a week. My slowest run was 5:50 to 6:00 pace. Everything was just quality and repetition at goal pace or faster. (Note: All of Estrada’s training was at altitude except for three weeks during the holiday season.)



Americans Luke Puskedra, Elkanah Kibet & Diego Estrada Talk About Their Chicago Marathon Buildups - LetsRun.com








Monday: 22km in the heat chamber at Victoria University. The temperature was 25 degreess with the humidity at 85% and the pace I ran was about 4min per km.


Tuesday: 5km warm-up 4x6km at sub 3min pace with 4min rest between reps. Done in 17.54, 17.57, 17.52 & 17.51. 5km cool down


Wednesday: 30km long run at about 4.59per km pace. I was a little bit sore after last nights session so I just took it really easy and didn’t bother looking at the pace I was going.


Thursday: 5km warm-up 8 continues lap of the athletics track doing 150m effort 100m jog 100m effort and 50m jog. I did the 150’s in 21’s and the 100’s in about 14’s. Then I did 4x60m hill sprints with Mitch with a walk back recovery. They weren’t fast but I felt like I turned over the legs quite well considering how sore I felt the day before. 15km cool down


Friday: 23km in the heat chamber at Victoria University. Today we increased the temperature to 28degrees with the humidity at 85%. I ran about 3.40per km pace.


Saturday: 10km warm up 6.2km relay leg for Athletics Essendon. My relay split was 17.59 which was slower than my split from last year but probably a bit more reserved. 10km cool down


Sunday: 40km long run around Yarra flats area. Pace roughly 4.30per km.








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